I am an ecologist interested in understanding the impacts of disturbance and global change on plant-insect interactions and communities. My research explores how factors such as landscape composition, environmental chemicals, climate change and invasive species affect community composition and ecosystem function. I am keen to explore how changes in community composition affect the delivery and stability of ecosystem services. My focus has been on pollination and one of my goals is to find ways to enhance the sustainability of agricultural systems to help ensure food security whilst conserving biodiversity.

I have been working in the Williams lab at the University of California in Davis on the spatial analysis of pollinator-friendly habitat enhancements for multiple crops across the US, as part of the ICP (Integrated Crop Pollination) project. Previously, I was a postdoc in the Ecosystem Functions group of Alexandra-Maria Klein in Germany. My research focused on mechanisms by which diversity can sustain and enhance pollination service in almond orchards. I did my PhD with Simon Potts in the Centre for Agri-Environmental Research at the University of Reading, U.K. My doctoral research explored the impact of insecticides on pollinating insects and was part of the EU ALARM project.